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Alpine Muffy - Kids Ear Muffs

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    Hearing Protection for Children

    Children are too often exposed to too much noise, which is too loud for them.

    Research shows that 1 in 8 children is suffering from permanent hearing damage because they are being exposed to too much noise.

    Heaing protection for our little ones is imperitive! When exposed to sound that is too loud, children can have difficulty sleeping, they can have trouble concentrating and they can become stressed and or anxious.

    Our world is getting noisier!

    The world is getting faster and much, much louder.

    It is no surprise to us all that our children are exposed to way too much noise on a daily basis. The sad truth of the matter is that exposure to noise, over a period of time, can result in hearing loss.

    What can we do?

    Turn down the noise!

    Imagine this, you are cooking in the kitchen, you have the blender and the dishwasher going. The television is on whilst the kids are playing on their iPad’s or listening to music or playing video games. Your phone rings, you answer it, you try to turn up the volume to hear the person on the other end only to discover it is already switched to full. NOISE!!!!

    Argh… some of us don’t have to imagine it because this is what we hear in our homes often.

    What can we do? Turn the noise down, limit exposure to noise and of course… protect our ears! Why wouldn’t we, after all they are the only ones that we’ll ever get!

    Alpine Muffy Ear Muffs for Children

    • COMFORTABLE – Soft padded headband and ear covering
    • FUNKY – Trendy, cool colours and design
    • ROBUST – High quality, strong and durable
    • ADJUSTABLE - Adjustable size to fit any child
    • COMPACT - Foldable, easy to take with you & store
    • GREAT COLOURS - Available in 3 colour designs suitable for boys & girls
    • QUALITY - Dutch design
    • FREE CARRY CASE – Protect & Go (with place to label with child’s name)
    • BLOCKS NOISE – Sound Noise Reduction Rating (SNR) value of 25 decibels
    • EASY TO CLEAN – Simply Wipe Over with Damp Cloth (store in carry case) 

    What type of noise is harming our Childrens hearing?

    Noise induced hearing loss in children is on the increase. Some people are not even aware of some of the every day things that our children are exposed to that could be causing damage. 

    Could these common sources of noise be doing your child’s hearing harm?

    • Leaf Blowers
    • Stereo’s In Cars
    • Home Entertainment Systems
    • Movie Theatres
    • Drilling, Sawing or Sanding
    • Sports Stadiums
    • Fireworks Displays – Ekkas, Shows, Fairs etc

    Have you ever taken your child to an Australia Day parade? Gone to pay respects at an Anzac Day procession? Did you know that certain percussion and brass instruments can reach levels of 140 decibels at close range! 

    When you take your child to their favourite music concert, yes even the Wiggles… were you aware that these fun activities can expose your child to noises which remain at a fairly constant level of 110 decibels. If you add to that excited, screaming fans noises can soar to a damaging 120 decibels!

    To put things into perspective… 120 decibles is actually around the same level of noise as an ambulance siren.

    What are the main causes of Hearing Loss in Children?

    Any loud and or constant noise.

    Concerts and venues playing music are causes of potentially damaging noise. Worse still, noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) cannot be repaired. Once the damage is done to our children’s ears, or ours that hearing it sadly cannot be restored.

    It makes so much sense that you are here reading this today to take action in protecting your child’s hearing.


    Hearing loss can be prevented

    In our ever growing noisy world not all exposure to noise can be prevented, but with a little effort from you it is easy to shelter your childs ears and protect their hearing when the noise is too loud for long periods of time.




    Alpine Muffy earmuffs: Unboxing (00:50)
    The Alpine Muffy is the number one hearing protection for children. We remove the earmuff from the package in this unboxing video. What's in the box? Let's open the package. The blister contains the ear muffs. Push the muffs downwards and apart to wear the muffs. After use, the earmuff can be easily folded and stored in the Alpine Muffy Bag. Learn more: Check out our other videos: Alpine Pluggies Kids earplugs for children: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdGhc_hUJa4 Alpine PartyPlug for festivals, nightlife and concerts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hGR2gkfuRU Het product kopen: http://www.alpine.eu/muffy And for the Alpine Muffy Bag: http://www.alpine.nl/gehoorbescherming/muffy-bag/ Like and follows us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alpinehearingprotection Twitter: https://twitter.com/alpinehearing Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/alpinehearing/
    • Alpine Muffy earmuffs: Unboxing
      The Alpine Muffy is the number one hearing protection for chil...

    Write your own product review

    1. Great hearing protection for children!  star rating

      Posted by Angie Tate, Yarra Victoria on 21st Oct 2017

      Very happy with our purchase for these earmuffs.
      They are comfortable and block a lot of sound. Our daughter loves the colour and whats more is happy and eager to wear them which is great. Thank you

    2. Very comfortable!  star rating

      Posted by Shakira Ireland, Copacabana NSW on 14th Oct 2017

      I bought these for my 3 children and they love them.
      I tried them on myself and they are very comfortable ( a little small for me of course haha) I was very surprised at just how much sound they block out.
      I would recommend them for others looking to buy hearing protection for their children.

    3. KIDS EAR MUFFS  star rating

      Posted by Jodie NSW on 10th Apr 2017

      Got these Ear Muffs for my daughter, she said they are the best ones she has ever had.
      So once again, thank you Sleep Buddy

    4. Perfect protection for our children!  star rating

      Posted by Emma Rogan, Carindale Qld on 7th Oct 2016

      These earmuffs are great!
      My husband races motocross and we go as a family to many loud events. We have 3 children who all love and wear their Alpine Muffy Earmuffs each time.
      Its so good to see more awareness/products and more kids wearing hearing protection!

    5. My children love these!  star rating

      Posted by Kate, North Lakes Qld on 17th Jun 2016

      My children used to wear earplugs, when they were smaller I had more control over what I wanted them to do. Not so much these days... I bought these and they love them, never a problem getting them to wear them.

    6. Great hearing protection  star rating

      Posted by Gabby Don on 20th Nov 2015

      We are very happy with these earmuffs.
      The delivery was super fast, they are of a good quality and our girls love them.
      Thank you guys, would defiantly recommend!

    7. Best buy for the kids!  star rating

      Posted by Jan, Albury VIC on 11th Nov 2015

      We've used these on 3 different occasions already and the kids love them. Looking forward to using them again on new years eve for the fireworks.

    8. Great hearing protection for kids!  star rating

      Posted by Kevin Jacobs on 10th Nov 2015

      We've typically used earplugs in the past for our children and recently decided to purchase these to try.
      The kids think they are great!
      They are a good product and well made.

    9. My daughters love these!  star rating

      Posted by Min Green Point NSW on 7th Nov 2015

      I like that these are lightweight so they don't place stress on my daughters neck from being too heavy. We had some different ones that we had bought from our hardware that were a lot heavier and the padding around the ears was't very soft.
      The girls find these comfortable and good at blocking the noise.

    10. Great earmuffs  star rating

      Posted by Emma Paige, Kingsville VIC on 6th Nov 2015

      We bought these to replace a cheaper pair that we brought previously that were not comfortable for my daughter to wear and she found the headband "scratchy".
      My daughter wears these happily and best of all finds them comfortable. She likes the padded headband and the great colour scheme. I like that they block out the noise and protect her little ears.
      Thanks guys!

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