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Children's Ear Muffs


It is no surprise that children are exposed to way too much noise on a daily basis. The sad truth of the matter is that exposure to noise, over a period of time, can result in hearing loss.

The world is getting LOUDER!!!

Imagine this, you are cooking in the kitchen, you have the blender and the dishwasher going. The television is on whilst the kids are playing on their iPad’s or listening to mu

sic or playing video games. Your phone rings, you answer it, you try to turn up the volume to hear the person on the other end only to discover it is already switched to full. NOISE!!!! Argh… some of us don’t have to imagine it because this is what we hear in our homes often.

What can we do? Turn the noise down, limit exposure to noise and of course… protect our ears! Why wouldn’t we, after all they are the only ones that we’ll ever get!

Concerts and venues playing music are causes of potentially damaging noise.

Worse still, noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) cannot be repaired. Once the damage is doneto our children’s ears, or ours that hearing it sadly cannot be restored.


It makes so much sense that you are here reading this today to take action in protecting your child’s hearing.


Ever taken your child to an Australia Day parade? Gone to pay respects at an Anzac Day procession? Certain percussion and brass instruments can reach levels of 140 decibels at close range.

Taking your child to their favourite music concert, yes even the Wiggles… can expose your child to noises which main at a fairly constant level of 110 decibels. If you add to that excited, screaming fans noises can soar to a damaging 120 decibels!

To put things into perspective… That’s around the same level of noise as an ambulance siren.

Could these common sources of noise be doing your child’s hearing harm?

  • Leaf Blowers
  • Stereo’s In Cars
  • Home Entertainment Systems
  • Movie Theatres
  • Drilling, Sawing or Sanding
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Fireworks Displays – Ekkas, Shows, Fairs etc

In our ever growing noisy world not all exposure to noise can be prevented, but with a little effort from you it is easy to shelter your childs ears and protect their hearing when the noise is too loud for long periods of time.





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