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Escape Luxury Eye Mask

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    Looking for a Luxurious Sleep Mask? 

    Then look no further than the Superior Handmade Escape Eye Mask. 

    Contoured and Sleek

    The Escape™ Travel Sleep Mask features a soft cushioned eye chamber to ensure that there is no pressure on the eyes, which provides optimum comfort, unlike the flimsy, mass produced, cheaper quality Eye Masks on the market today. 

    This beautiful mask gives the wearer the ultimate in comfort while still maintaining 100% light block out.

    Makes for the ideal travel companion. Simply fold the mask away in the compact compact carry pouch provided, slip it inside your carry on luggage and you are set to travel in peace and quiet without disruption from fellow travellers. 

    • 100% light blocking
    • Contoured Mask features interior eye chamber for added comfort
    • Ultra comfortable using natural cotton for sensitive facial skin
    • Quality Handmade Mask
    • Patented Soft Comfort Bridge™
    • FREE Carry Pouch


















    Our masks are all individually handmande with love in the United States utilising quality fabrics and materials.

    The Escape Eye Mask is constructed with open cell, foam padding which provides soft fabric that rests over the eye area and on the face is 100% fully breathable cotton.

    This masks features special, open-cell, foam padding cut-outs for around the eyes.

    Well known for the unique patented soft, plush satin Comfort Bridge™ which enables the mask to rests gently across the bridge of your nose to help block out light.

    A soft, yet durable micro-plush mink surrounds the outside of the mask. The outer fabric does not make contact with the face; it simply defines the look creating a sense of class and excellence. 

    The Escape Mask secures firmly around the head with Velstretch®, a slim-line and extremely soft elastic band. The ensures the mask does not easily slip off your head and provides superior comfort.

    FREE Carry Pouch:

    COMPLIMENTARY Silky Taffeta Pouch with closeable drawstring.

    Recommended Care:

    For best longevity of this luxury Sleep Masks we recommend that it be hand washed in cool water, to dry lay flat in shaded area. 


    What other people are saying about the Escape:

    " Favorite mask by far! Love the material it's made out of! It blocks out all of the light and doesn't fall off my big head!" Lauren

    "This is the perfect sleep mask for male or female. Comfortable. Effective blackout. Lightweight. For me, the eye chamber IS A MUST. I can't stand a sleeping mask that touches my eyelids or lashes. Those type of sleeping masks makes me feel a bit claustrophobic - or reminds me of a blindfold--not comforting! My husband & I have been using Escape Luxury Travel Sleep Masks nightly for a couple years. I gifted quite a few to my friends and relatives. The teen boys reported having better concentration in school after wearing the masks. I've read quite a bit, and even talked to the researchers about the importance of sleeping in a pitch black room -- to maximize natural melatonin and reduce health risks. It has been proven that even the least little bit of light (other than dim red or amber) is enough to shut down melatonin... and even worse, make the breast cancer chemotherapy drug tamoxifen ineffective. [search: Tulane University/Dr David Blask/ Tamoxifen] Please share this with cancer patients you know." Audrey

    "Really does block out the light! Have used it when having a migraine in the middle of the day in a very bright bedroom (with no curtains!) and it absolutely works. In spite of being a side sleeper (so sometimes the mask leaves marks on the side of my face, but they disappear within a couple of hours, the light gets blocked out without feeling claustrophobic because I can open my eyes and flutter my eyelashes without any pressure on my eyelids. Really good buy and great value for money. I highly recommend this mask if you need total darkness to sleep in!" Lucrecia

    "I work nights so sleeping during the day is a fact of life. With this mask I never have to worry about light. I sleep so well and so deeply. I will never go back to sleeping without a mask. I find when the mask becomes too loose and allows light in, I tighten up the straps and all is well again." Kristen

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    1. I do shift work and this mask is a saviour!  star rating

      Posted by Craig Morrison Gold Coast on 22nd Jun 2018

      This mask does the trick! Keeps out the light and I can sleep through the day. I also use the Macks Ultra Soft earplugs from these guys too.
      Recommend both these products .
      Always great service from you guys too, thanks.

    2. I love how comfortable this mask feels  star rating

      Posted by Cassidy Davis, Brisbane Qld on 22nd Jun 2018

      This mask is a flight attendants dream! For obvious reasons, I spend a lot of time travelling and away from home. Sleep deprivation can be a killer.
      I always get my masks from Sleep Buddy and I love them.
      I buy them as gifts for my girlfriends for their birthday & at Christmas, always a winner.

    3. Feels and looks luxurious  star rating

      Posted by Geraldine Oatley Newcastle NSW on 9th Nov 2017

      I was really looking forward to using this mask after reading such good reviews. It is a lovely looking well made product.
      I am not a side sleeper, but would imagine if you are that it might be a bit thick on the sides.
      I didn't think that I would fussed about being able to "flutter" my eyes but now having tried this I can see the appeal. It is nice to be able to open your eyes without your eyelashes hitting the inside of the eye cover.

    4. The best mask I have ever purchased  star rating

      Posted by Frieda Duane Usmar, Castle Hill, NSW on 28th Jul 2016

      Top quality. Other masks I bought else where would fall apart very quickly. If it wasn't the strap breaking then some of the material of the mask would simply come unglued.
      Not so with my Escape Luxury Eye Mask. Top quality material and straps, great colours, sturdy, can withstand washing in a laundry bag, plenty of room for my eye lashes to flutter open and shut, completely blocks out the light and last but not least, very stylish. I feel like a million dollars if I have to get up in the night and my family see me with my eye mask pushed up above my eyes as I walk around. I have now bought 2 spares, one for washing rotation and one I am keeping for travelling.

    5. Best I have bought  star rating

      Posted by Frieda Usmar Castle Hill NSW on 19th Apr 2016

      This mask is great. It is well made and does not fall apart. It allows my eyes to blink and it completely blocks out the light and I love the colour!

    6. Great!  star rating

      Posted by Toby, Maroochydore QLD on 21st Jan 2015

      Very comfortable and blocks out all light.
      I particularly like the eye "cut outs" I think this is what makes it so good for blocking the light.
      The adjustable velcro strap is very comfy and you can make it as firm as you like so it won't slip off at night. I personally like the feel of it firmer on my face.
      A little bit bulkier on the side of the eyes than the Opulence sleep mask for those who sleep on their side.
      a really great mask.

    7. Great, does the job without pressure on the eyes  star rating

      Posted by Liviu C. on 16th Oct 2014

      That said, it's not 100% full light-blocking (albeit this doesn't bother me unduly, but I know a lot of people look for it. It's perhaps 95%).
      Also, if you've not secured the mask on properly, the mask straps that hold it on can be a little uncomfortable on the ears if the mask slips down. Recommend it over any mask I've tried.

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