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Natural Sleep Serum Body & Pillow Spray

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    Sleep the Night Away!

    IMPROVED SLEEP – if you struggle to sleep through the night or even fall asleep when you go to bed then you are probably feeling exhausted and in need of a good quality nights sleep. Our natural and organic sleep serum is just what you need!

    * Soothes & Calms
    * Minimizes insomnia
    * Encourages sense of well-being

    What causes Insomnia?

    There are several reasons why you might suffer from insomnia but possibly the leading cause of insomnia in today’s world is stress. Stress often leads to depression and anxiety, which are also conditions that keep you lying awake at night. Whatever the cause of your insomnia, the results are the same; you feel tired, suffer from a foggy brain, have reduced ability to cope with your day-to-day routine, develop anxiety attacks and, in more serious scenarios, severe depression.

    Natural aids, such as relaxing essential oils, are a great alternative to more traditional sleeping pills that often leave you sluggish and hungover in the morning. Using aromatherapy treatments at bedtime can often help you overcome periods of insomnia in your life. There are several essential oils that are helpful with insomnia; here are some of the most popular ones;-

    A synergistic blend of Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Rose. Our Sleep Serum has been reported to be very effective in helping one to drift to sleep and dream through the night. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive. For those who count sheep often, we recommend the Pulse Point be applied to the temples, back of neck and jaw line right before turning the light out (see separate item listing).

    Natural Sleep Solution

    Made with 100% NATURAL ORGANIC ingredients - no synthetics, no fragrance oils. Just as nature intended it to be!

    Alchemology products are all natural and contain no synthetics or artificial ingredients.

    Alchemology products contain the highest quality essential oils available, resulting in effective therapeutic benefits.

    All products are formulated by Wendy Gormly-Kester, Integrative Aromatherapy Certified and a Certified Aromatherapist 

    How To Use

    You can use all of these essential oils in a number of ways to help you deal with insomnia. Here are a few suggestions:

    • Add the appropriate essential oils to a warm bath before you go to bed. Make sure your bath is not too hot and add just 6 to 8 drops in total of your essential oils to the bath water. You can also add a suitable essential oil to a blend in a bubble bath or bath oil.
    • Use your essential oils in an aromatherapy diffuser just before you go to bed. You can use either an electric diffuser or a candle aromatherapy diffuser, but remember not to leave a candle diffuser burning all night. This is a good method for helping a child fall naturally to sleep because the essential oil used may become associated with bed time and be a familiar comfort.
    • Blend a massage oil and persuade your partner to give you a mini-massage just before bedtime. The act of massage naturally helps your body to relax and “switch off” from the day’s routines.
    • Place a few drops no the bridge of your favourite SLEEP MASK
    • Spray using our Spritzer, shake it well, and spray some around your bedroom avoiding polished surfaces.
    • Spray a small quantity of it onto your pillow just before you go to sleep – This a great way to incorporate aromatherapy into yours and your families bedtime routine and prepare yourself for sleep!
    • Spray onto your favourite SLEEP MASK

    Size Options

    Available in 5ml concentrate dropper or 30ml Spritzer Spray

    Space Sprays are an essential oil blend in a base of distilled water.

    They can be sprayed directly on the skin or in the air above your head (your space!) and inhaled as they drift downward, they are are also great for scenting your towels and linens.

    Products are for external use only.

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