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Sleep Buddy® partner themselves with only the “best of the best”. We are committed to supplying innovative products of the highest quality at the best value to consumers.

Our goal is simple: to help you achieve a good night sleep, night after night!

Our line of products includes moldable, pre-molded and foam earplugs, ear drying aids, earwax removal aids, nasal devices, nasal sprays and sleep masks.

Our fantastic "big sister" site EAR STORE specialises in all things wonderful for EARS. They have a wider range of ear plugs and in particular a great range of ear plugs that have been specifically designed for Musicians’, Motorcyclists' and Dentists.

Sleep Buddy are proud to offer products that support wellness and vitality. Please check out or great range today!

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Makers of the official sound conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation. Marpac designed & invented the ever popular Dohm DS Noise Machine in 1962.

The Dohm DS is been known for exceptional audio, ease of use, and durability.

Marpac sleep machines bring smiles to many people ranging from new mums discovering the benefits of sound conditioners for babies the first time to customers who've been using the same Marpac machine for 45 years.

Dohm DS white noise machines mask all kinds of noises, from sirens on city streets to confidential conversations in quiet offices.


McKeon Products, Inc. has led the hearing protection and ear care industry for over 50 years, with its Mack’s brand line of products.

Mack’s provides the #1-selling and original formula Pillow Soft silicone ear plugs. Today, McKeon Products manufactures a full range of health care products, including hearing protection, nasal care and breathing improvement products. The company is still family owned and operated.

Mack’s is the #1 doctor recommended ear plug brand in the U.S., with an extensive variety of ear plugs designed uniquely for men & women especially for sleep, travel, music, swimming and overall noise reduction. Mack’s is the #1-selling brand of ear plugs!


Dream Essentials, established in 2002, is a manufacturer of unique, high quality, luxurious and stress-relieving sleep masks that have enhanced the experience of rest and relaxation and helped improve the sleep of thousands.

The Dreamer, Escape, Opulence, Sweet Dreams, Dream Essence, Infinity, Total Eclipse ranges of Sleep Mask are their signature items. They are reputed for manufacturing custom sleep masks and eye masks for Military, Hospitals and Healthcare and Promotional companies.

Dream Essentials sleep masks feature the finest materials such as taffeta, lightweight and elegant silk, sensuous and velvety velour, and plush, breathable cotton, stretch cotton and organic fabrics. These masks are aesthetically beautiful and functionally and can block out 100% of all light that may enter the eyes, thus assuring a great, relaxing sleep or peaceful rest.




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