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How important is Sleep?

Sleep is crucial for all areas of good health and general well being. A lack of sleep can be directly linked to a myriad of health issues including mood, concentration, short and long term memory, stress, anxiety, decision making, high blood pressure, poor immune system, depression and weight gain due to slow metabolism just to name a few. Poor quality sleep hugely affects our day to day performance and overall productivity and greatly hinders the healthy, normal, recuperative phases that the body goes through and needs each night.

To get a good nights sleep it is important Even small amounts of sleep deprivation can easily take its toll on your mind and body. 

Noise keeping you awake?

Noise is one of the biggest contributing factors towards sleep loss. Is noise pollution preventing you from achieving a much needed peaceful nights rest? Are noises such as barking dogs, garbage trucks, trains, tinnitus, overhead planes, noisy neighbours or your partners snoring troubling you?

Did you know that the majority of people (almost 70% in fact) are biologically wired not to be able to sleep through distracting sounds at night? The other lucky, small percentage of people are, shall we say... "living the dream".

While insomnia itself is a medical condition, many people are suffering from poor sleep simply because of the environment they're living in and the contributing factors such as noise and light are the cuplrits!

Is it time for you to take control of your sleep? The Dohm DS White Noise Masking Machine is a favourite sleep partner of many. It could be yours too!


Did you know that even when we are asleep our ears stay awake? 

What we mean by that is your ears continue to do their job and your hearing still works while you’re sleeping. When you are woken through the night by noise, it’s not actually the noise as such that is waking your peaceful slumber, but in fact it is the sudden variance or change in noise that jolts your mind into an alert state. 

Could the Dohm DS White Noise Machine be the Answer to All of Your Sleep Problems? 


What exactly is white noise? 

White noise is a specially crafted sound byte, which is used to drown out all background noises. It works by restoring a sound equilibrium, so no longer will noises around you grab your attention, preventing you from falling asleep, or causing you to wake up in the night. Common sound annoyances, tinnitus or even the sound of silence disappear from hearing, resulting in a long, restful sleep. 

What is a Sound Conditioner? 

Sound conditioners (also known as sleep machines, white noise machines, sound machines, or a combination of any of these titles) are machines that give out a soothing consistent, sound. True white noise can only be created electronically. Devices such as the Dohm Dual Speed have been engineered to create the exact frequency needed to normalise or mask unwanted sounds or noise. While other similar sound masking devices are on the market such as white noise apps, only machines designed to play the relaxing 'shushh' sound on a no-loop, no recording playback will be truly effective for banishing unwanted disturbances or sound. 

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Who is it for? 

White noise machines can be used by anybody looking to drown out background noise or silence. There are no age restrictions on using the devices, nor any contradictions. The very young and the very old both use white noise to create a peaceful ambient noise allowing them to focus on what they're doing. 

A 2008 Consumer Report study actually found that white noise machines were virtually as effective for problem sleepers as pharmaceutical sleep aids. Something which has propelled them in to the limelight in recent years. Therefore the machines are also frequently purchased by those wishing not to take anything medicinal to help them sleep. 

Where & when can I use a white noise sound conditioner? 

Whenever there is sound you'd rather not to hear, that's a perfect scenario for using a white noise generator. 

The Dohm DS White Noise Machine comes fitted with an 8 meter plug cable and a lightweight body, making it perfect for any use. It's easy to keep on your beside table or dresser, and just as easy to take with you on holidays or while working away. 

Offices, nurseries, bedrooms, college dorm rooms, hotel rooms and more, are all places you'll frequently see white noise generators being used. 

If you're looking for something to help you sleep better, study better or block out background noise wherever you are CLICK HERE now. 

It's time to find out what the machine named the Official Sound Conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation can really do for you.

Want to sleep better?

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